SOUTH KOREA: Day Tour at the Walled City of Suwon

Capping off my birthday vacation Fancy Asia TripletsChinaJapan-South Korea, I booked a flight for Narita-Incheon from budget airline again. This time, it was Jin Air because it was cheaper than Peach Aviation.  Then I applied Korean visa (4th time) with complete requirements at Reli Tours Agency at Dusit Branch Makati, and everything else followed, like booking Discover Seoul Pass (DSP) from KLOOK, and airfare back to Philippines. It was also a short stay within Seoul last April. My main goal was to visit the Suwon, the only remaining completely walled city in South Korea, where Hwaseong Fortress is inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Suwon is the capital and largest metropolis of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea’s most populous province which surrounds Seoul, the national capital. Suwon lies about 30 kilometres (19 miles) south of Seoul. It is traditionally known as “The City of Filial Piety”

1ST DAY NRT Departure and ICN Arrival

Narita International Airport 成田国際空港 Terminal 1



ETD from KANSAI Airport T2


Incheon International Airport 인천국제공항 Terminal 1

Load up Discover Seoul Pass (T-Money)
Subway from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station
1605H Arrived at Incheon Airport. Picked up DSP BTS edition, sync, AREX code is in the card, got Seoul Bike Rental code, loaded ₩10000 to old DSP as BTS edition has no T-Money function
1720H ETD Incheon airport
1857H DINNER: Gwangjang Market near Jongno 5-ga Station. ₩4000 bindaetteok mung bean pancake, ₩5000 kalguksu knife-cut noodlesPhotoCollage_20191022_125955916
2000H Visit Starbucks Reserve Jongno Tower near Jonggak stationPhotoCollage_20191022_111749498-01
2226H ETD to Sealala. Overnight at jjimjilbang and spa. FREE using Discover Seoul Pass as long won’t exceed 12 hours.
Withdraw ₩50000 charge ₩4000. Took ₩5000 to load in T-Money. ₩1000 soda sealala

2ND DAY Seoul and Suwon Day TourPhotoCollage_20191022_113118568-02
0645H ETD Sealala. 2000 T-Money charge for B21 locker at Seoul Station Gate 2PhotoCollage_20191022_131728248PhotoCollage_20191022_132739806PhotoCollage_20191022_133017892IMG20190914100335-01PhotoCollage_20191022_133910461PhotoCollage_20191022_133531947IMG20190914105436-01-01
0819H 1550 T-Money charge for 2L Mineral water
0900H FREE Hanbok Experience at Myeongdong Tourist Center near Euljiro 1-ga stationIMG20190914120254-01IMG20190914113500-01IMG20190914113216-01IMG20190914111728-01IMG20190914111518-01PhotoCollage_20191022_133600756IMG_20190927_082822_965-01
1428H 1000 Locker fee for N Seoul Tower Hanbok Culture Experience Center Hanbok
1517H ETA Suwon Station and visited the tourist center. Inquire bus number going to Paldalmun gate of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. It feels like I am walking in the walls of Intramuros, Manila’s walled city in our country Philippines.

Hwaseong Fortress is a fortification surrounding the centre of Suwon, the provincial capital of Gyeonggi-do, in South Korea. It was built from 1794 to 1796 by King Jeongjo of the Joseon dynasty to house and honour the remains of his father, Prince Sado.
The fortress and enclosed palace were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

1535H Alight at Paldalmun bus stop and walk towards Haenggung Palace. The way to the walls is at the left side. Instant hiking!
1200 bus namsan tower to seoul station
2000 umbrella
5000 T-Money load
1930H 3800 lotteria shrimp burger
27980 lotte mart grocery
500 for AREX express ticket
Walk towards Airport Express Ticketing Counter to show DSP card with barcode. 500 needed for card (refundable)
Ride Airport Express train with assigned seat. Alight at INCHEON AIRPORT T1 station then refund card.

3RD DAY ICN Departure
0110H ETD Incheon Airport
0421H 1980 dunkin donut bread
0430H ETA Manila NAIA3
0522H Back to Pinas.
*Refund T-money credits if needed to buy snacks

Lotte Mart Grocery worth 27980

🏯🎎🏛️🚆📺 🇰🇷️SEOUL & SUWON
September 13-15, 2019 (Seoul, South Korea) 
1 ₩ = ₱0.0436
Itinerary and Expenses (3D2N)
Airlines: JinAir NRT-ICN and CebuPacific ICN-MNL
₱3613.60 – NRT-ICN airfare JinAir 15kg free baggage and 7kg hand carry
₱3141.18 – ICN-MNL airfare CebuPacific
₱1544.28 – ICN-MNL CebuPacific add-on Check-in baggage 20kg

Visa processing fee: ₱700 Reli Tours at Dusit Hotel, Makati
BPI Bank Cert ₱200
Bank Statement 3 months ₱150
Travel tax: ₱1620
Activity: ₱1720 Discover Seoul Pass BTS Edition 24hrs
*Activities covered by pass:
*Sealala Spa and Jjimjilbang ₩10,000 10pm-7am
*N Seoul Tower Hanbok Culture Experience Center Hanbok rental – ₩18,000 for themed hanbok
*Airport Express Train from Seoul Station to Incheon Int’l Airport – ₩9,000


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