SOUTH KOREA: A Short Day Tour at Seoul Special City

Within itinerary planning of our #KansaiGoals for the Japan trip, I quickly suggested to book a return flight from South Korea since we found the flights from Japan back to Manila were very steep! Upon checking aggregator sites like Skycanner, we found out that flights from Incheon are way cheaper than Kansai’s and Narita’s. Luckily after that decision, my friend found a budget carrier that offered promo airfare from Kansai to Incheon: Peach Aviation! It was cheap then that we immediately booked our flights. Then we applied Korean visa with complete requirements at Reli Tours Agency at Dusit Branch Makati, and everything else followed, like booking Discover Seoul Pass (DSP) from KLOOK, accommodation at Seoul and airfare back to Philippines, despite being a bit expensive but worthy, as I need to be at NAIA3 again for my flight to Thailand…whew!02

We almost landed at South Korea at night and found our way to our accommodation in Seoul. Despite being at one night only, it was a memorable trip with friends, sauntering using DSP and doing the activities we love at a slow-paced carefree way. Here’s our short Seoul itinerary. More ways where your Discover Seoul Pass will pay off here:

1ST DAY (TUESDAY) KIX Departure and ICN ArrivalIMG20190423165406IMG20190423170912
IMG20190423200341ETD from KANSAI Airport T2

INCHEON Night ARRIVAL. Claim KLOOK PassesIMG20190424195155
Load up Discover Seoul Pass (T-Money)
Subway from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station
Taxi from Seoul Station to Alice Residence in Jongno. Show the address to driver in Korean Hangul. KRW10000 for 3pax
DINNER at nearby restaurant05

2ND DAY (WEDNESDAY) Seoul Day Tour and ICN Departure
Prepare to check-out
Leave luggage at hotel while roaming around Seoul
Walk towards Hanboknam at Bukchon for Hanbok rental using Discover Seoul Pass. Use of hanbok outdoors for 90 minutes.06
Walk towards Gyeongbokgung palace in hanbok (free entrance)04030909_107081004_1
Walk back to Hanboknam, change clothes and ride subway: ANGUK to SEOUL NAT’L UNIV (Line 3) then GANGNAM (Line 2)
LUNCH at Dwae-ji Sanghoe (돼지상회)1413
Walk back to GANGNAM station, ride train and alight at SAMSEONG station (Line 2).151211
Walk towards SM COEX Artium and visit SM Town Museum (use Discover Seoul Pass)16171819
Walk back to SAMSEONG station ride Line 2 Subway train to SEOUL NAT’L UNIV then ANGUK (Line 2)
Pickup luggage from hotel then ride subway: ANGUK to EULJIRO 3(SAM)-GA (Line 3 ) then EULJIRO 1(IL)-GA (Line 2)
Myeongdong Tourist Center for free pics (until 1830H only)
Walk the ride train at MYEONGDONG station (Line 4) to SEOUL STATION.
Walk towards Airport Express Ticketing Counter to show one-way express train voucher (from Discover Seoul Pass app). KRW500 needed for card (refundable)
Ride Airport Express train with assigned seat. Alight at INCHEON AIRPORT T1 station then refund card. *Refund T-money credits if needed to buy snacks

April 23-24, 2019 (Seoul, South Korea)
1 ₩ = ₱0.047
Itinerary and Expenses (2D1N)
Airlines: Peach KIX-ICN and AirAsia ICN-MNL
₱2675.43 – KIX-ICN airfare Peach airlines PHP8026.29 with 1 check-in baggage for 3pax (1JPY=0.431PHP Peach Airlines rate)
₱428.13 – KIX-ICN Peach airlines JPY2980 for 3pcs check-in add-on baggage for 3pax
₱7233.23 – ICN-MNL airfare AirAsia
₱1521.02 – ICN-MNL AirAsia add-on Check-in baggage 20kg

Visa processing fee: ₱700 Reli Tours at Dusit Hotel, Makati
Travel tax: ₱1620
Accommodation: ₱830.33 – Alice Residence KRW53000 for 3pax (1night only)
Activity: ₱858.22 – Discover Seoul Pass 24hrs. Original price: KRW39900≈₱1875.30 (Discounted as it was purchased at Klook Blossom Event)
*Activities covered by pass:
*HANBOKNAM Hanbok rental – ₩20,000 for themed hanbok
*SMTOWN Museum – ₩18,000
*Airport Express Train from Seoul Station to Incheon Int’l Airport – ₩9,000


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