Davao City: Food trip at Crown Jewel of Mindanao

Davao City has vast fruit markets selling fresh produce such as mangosteen and pomelo but among them, Durian, the ‘king’ of fruits, dominates. I visited some homegrown restaurants and tasted their specialties. Here are the following items in my little foodtrip:


I’ve tasted different kinds of steamed ricecakes, but this one is unique, as they infused durian in it. Imagine when I went out of cathedral after attending morning mass, I followed the unique smell. The churchgoers then led me to this vendor. I immediately bought a piece and it was heaven in a bite!

Durian Candy


Before going back home, I made sure to bring with me sweet delicacies especially these candies from Davao’s famous maker, Lola Abon’s. My former officemate led me to this and we’re glad we made it before closing time.

Durian Halo-Halo

DAVAO CITY_HALOHALOTheir famous local halo-halo topped with homemade durian ice cream is very refreshing. No wonder they opened branches like this in SM Lanang Premier.


Durian Sans Rival

DAVAO CITY_SANSRIVALCommuting within the city can be tricky but with the help of locals, I was able to locate this dessert place. It was then packed with diners, but I waited for my turn to eat their specialty. That slice of sans rival with crunchy meringue layers, cream and pistachio bits was made flavorful with kick of durian. Somewhat unusual but delicious.



After taking lunch at nearby Delumbars Chicken resto, I saw an ice cream cart selling exotic flavors and immediate bought a cone of durian ice cream. The color is somehow weird at first but the taste is incredible. You can feel bits of durian seeping inside. It was awesome!

Kinutil at Puto Maya

Most public markets in Visayas and Mindanao have breakfast stall called painitan (from root word init meaning heat). Hence, from what I read in a blog, I searched the Bangkerohan Public Market and sat at this stall to order local favorites. The hot chocolate drink mixed with coconut tuddy or tuba, a native liquor extracted from coconut trees will surely invigorate you for the whole day. Gulp it with a slice of puto maya for a sticky breakfast.

Lugaw at Tokwa’t Baboy

This homegrown restaurant serves the best snack pairs in Davao City. The plain white rice porridge is mixed with pork-tofu combo akin to chopped lechon. I took this meal for lunch.

Grilled Tuna BellyDAVAO CITY_TUNA

It was not a splurge but to eat something this good is a great reward for exploring the destination of your dream. Tuna grilled to perfection with pickles on the side made my lunch with a smile.



Another product from Lola Abon’s is this mangosteen candy. I bought few packs of these for my loved ones.


Balbacua, also spelled balbakwa or balbakoa, is a Filipino beef stew made from beef, collagen-rich beef parts (oxtail, skin, and joints), and various spices cooked for several hours until very tender. It is typically served with white rice or misua or miki noodles. It originates from the Visayan regions of the Visayas and Mindanao islands.

When in Davao City, try some local chicken barbecue from their homegrown resto chains such as Penong’s and Delumbar. They taste good!

As I said earlier, Davao has freshest fruits sold in their markets that’s why they brought some back home. In my case, I bought a pomelo and mangosteen fruits to eat as snacks while exploring the city.

Don’t forget to bring some back home! (n_n) -bengoeswhere

Goodies brought back home (n_n)

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